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    Xiong Guobao was born in 01, November, 1962, started to learn the skills of badminton in 1972. In the Competition of Tomas in 1986, he beat the then-superstar named Shuijing Lin from Indonesia to be the champion.
    1984 American Open Champion.(Men*s,Single)
    1986 Thomas Cup,Champion.
    1987 Badminton World Grand Prixfinal,Champion.(Men*s,Single)
    1987 Japan Open,Champion.(Men*s,Single)
    1987 HongKong Open,Champion.(Men*s,Single)
    1987 Indonesia Open, Champion.(Men*s,Single)
    1988 Thomas Cup,Champion.
    1988 Malaysia Open,Champion.(Men*s,Single)
    1989 World Grand Prixfinal Champion.(Men*s,Single)
    1989 Indonesia Open,Champion.(Men*s,Single)
    1989 Malaysia Open,Champion.(Men*s,Single)
    1990 Thomas Cup,Champion.
    1990 Asian games,group Champion.

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